Wooden Works and Decorations

The management of the company has given great deal of importance to wooden works and decorations, since wooden works still have the superiority in terms ofexpressing the aesthetic touch and the fine taste in all works of decorations either at homes, offices, or any other place. In addition to the fact that application of wooden works on floors turns houses into a charming pieces of art.

Focusing on details, we have given much care for the selection of best types of woods and raw materials for each work we carry out starting from doors and windows to the walls, floors, garden decorations, etc. Implementing such vision necessitates the employment of skilled manpower of technical and professional experience and utilization of the latest technology of machinery and equipment available in this field.

Since we entered the industry, we have been seeking the superiority and creation of special products that reflect aesthetic touch combining the essence of the past and the modernization of today and the future in order to transforming your home or your office into an outstanding place with a charming view.